I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing athletes, hear what they have to say about me.

I would not hesitate in recommending Gina as your next coach. I've been involved with triathlon for 30 years. I only ever started as I wanted to make the Ironman world championships. For many many years I missed out by minutes. In 2018 I decided it was time for another attempt. I'd last raced IM in 2009. I needed a coach that not only understood triathlon but could understand her athlete and his work and family life. We started working together and to cut a long but good story short, I qualified for Kona and raced there in 2018. I could not have made Hawaii without Gina Crawford. Her expertise and passion is what you need. I've done your homework, trust me I've been around a long time. She's the one you want. She's that good I've continued to work with her and just completed my fastest 70.3 at the age of 47! Shannon

I have been working with Gina since the start of 2019 with a focus to race Taupo 70.3 in December 2019 and achieve qualification for the World 70.3 champs the following year also in Taupo. After having 2018 off racing, I contacted Gina as I liked her philosophy and was keen for a different approach. The focus on quality over quantity has been appreciated . Even though I am getting older, under Gina’s guidance I am still achieving times I thought had passed me by. I have also appreciated Gina’s flexible approach – I travel a bit for work and to be able to have a coach who amends weeks and structure to suit travel plans and locations is great without any impact on overall performance. She is always available for a chat, gives feedback as you progress and there to slow me down if needed. I am looking forward to working with Gina throughout 2020 as I work towards the Worlds and then in 2021 when I age up to the 50-54 age group!! I would highly recommend Gina if you are after a new approach, wanting to improve, take the stress away from what training to do, a focus on quality and a need for flexibility. She ticks all those boxes.

(Jason after 2nd place IM 70.3 Taupo and qualifying for World Championships).

Gina has done a fantastic job of turning me around from disappointment at the Celtman in 2018 where I didn't make the cutoffs for the blue finish, to a black finish at the Norseman in 2019 and a 5h36m IM 70.3 in Taupo - first attempt at a flattish course at that distance. She has helped work my training around my rotating shifts (days/afternoons/nights) and around the fatigue that goes with that. I would highly recommend training with her if you want to see appreciable gains in your triathlon performances. Eddie.

Gina has done an amazing job designing a training program for my wife and I for our first Ironman 70.3. She wrote our weekly program around two jobs, three kids, travel, a pulled calf muscle and a dodgy knee. All the interval training, cadence counting, wacky swim gear (we were those people with the swim snorkels) and brick work really paid off on the day. Matt and Liz.

I've been competing in triathlons for more than fifteen years, but have raced more successfully, and enjoyed myself more, during the past training season than ever before. To a great extent I put this down to Gina's fabulous coaching. Her programmes are logical and coherent, and the work she has had me doing has always felt personalised, and has completely met my individual needs. Gina has a wealth of knowledge about the sport that she shares generously, and she is totally reliable and professional.

(Vicki after IMNZ 2019).

“I’ve had the privilege being coached by Gina for 2 ironman seasons, her

Professionalism wrapped up in humility is 2nd to none. Gina is selfless with her time and knowledge. Her attentiveness to my needs and responsiveness to my questions feels like you the only athlete under her belt.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every session Gina has set out for me, everything you do (and I do mean everything) in your sessions has a function and purpose. Her attention to detail and ability to meet your needs at your level and excel you to the next level is more than impressive.

Nothing can compare to a face to face encounter with Gina (and she has always made herself available). I always left feeling inspired that enhanced myself belief/confidence in my ability. Gina’s presence alone brings a sense of self confidence.

I would highly recommend Gina as a coach regardless where you are at in your journey as an Ironman athlete”

(Dante after 2 seasons coaching)

I coached myself for some time and contacted Gina after a DNF at IMNZ 2017 which really destroyed my confidence. Gina got me into a great training routine which accommodated my family and work commitments and totally restored my confidence. With Gina I am training smarter and racing so much better. Since the DNF I have completed Ironman Canada, Challenge Wanaka half and a number of running races where I achieved a PB in half marathon at age 46! Gina has a wealth of knowledge stemming from her amazing professional career and this knowledge from training, racing to nutrition is invaluable. Gina is truly a humble and amazing person who motivates and encourages you to succeed. When I speak with her via Skype or in person it is like I am her only athlete. For anyone wanting to be the best they can be Gina is the coach for you.

I've asked for Gina's help to prepare me for Ironman 2019. And couldn't be happier about my decision.

It's great to have such a knowledgeable coach who has done heaps of Ironmans and countless half Ironmans.

Her workouts are actually fun and engaging; I'm swimming longer and better than I was before and not dreading it! The intervals are fun and can fit into a busy schedule. The long steady stuff is done when more time is available.

Can't recommend enough!

Gina is the first coach I consulted when I wanted to make better use of my training time. She has been really great in helping me reach my goal of completing Ironman Nice 2018 with flexibility and support built in to rehabilitate injuries. Now she is working with me on my next triathlon goal and I'm seeing real improvement in my performance. Gina has so much experience to share for any situation you may encounter as a triathlete.

A truly tailored coaching programme that is reflective of not only your needs but also other life commitments (family, work etc). With the ability to seek real time feedback my training programme has exceeded my high expectations at a very reasonable cost.

I have been working with Gina for 2 Ironman seasons, her experience and true dedication to you training is 2nd to none. She is easy to work with and her support and commitment is 100% to you. I would recommend her to anyone!!

I have been training and racing triathlon events in all distances including full distance for the last 10 years. I always wondered what a coach from the professional Ironman arena can bring to my training plan in terms of knowledge and experience... with Gina I found exactly what I was looking for. Vast and extensive knowledge, a detailed training plan which looks like nothing I ever seen, and the results came with the training. I would recommend Gina to anyone looking for a professional triathlon trainer, with close monitoring even if it’s over the email/Skype.

I've been training with Gina for the last year, and this process exceeded all my expectations. First, her attitude, detailed answers and responsiveness, is like I'm her only trainee, and I'm going to compete with Lionel Sanders and Patrick Lange on the 1st place in Kona (confession, I'm not). Of course her knowledge in training, nutrition and injury prevention,is invaluable. Needless to say, all my results were improved. Can't recommend highly enough.

I am fortunate to be one of the first athletes Gina started coaching at the beginning of 2016.I had entered Taupo Ironman in March and although I had competed in over a dozen Ironman events, my times had not differed a great deal as I was mostly self taught and basically just did lots of mega miles with little improvement. 3 months out Gina prepared a specific programme that concentrated on improving my strength and speed and allowing me to get off the bike feeling strong and confident about running the marathon. I completed Taupo Ironman in 12.07. The fastest I have ever gone and an improvement of over 20 minutes from the previous year. And that was just in 3 months! Gina seems to know when to contact her athletes. She has this amazing ESP and knows exactly what to say at the appropriate time. I love her calming nature, her knowledge,expertise and encouragement.I love her programmes! (Barb, 60-64 Age Group champion IMNZ 2016 and Kona Qualifier).

I would not have achieved the results I did without having Gina Crawford on board. You go above & beyond all the time. I am endlessly thankful for your contribution & a very lucky athlete to have had you on course for my first race. I'm thrilled to have got this result for you. You're a beautiful human. (Sarah, first Ironman, 11.58 after 5 months on the programme).

Can't say thanks enough to you, never ever in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible, I was aiming for 1:30 today and I knocked it out in 1:14:20, and got a 3rd place in my category. (Deon, beginner triathlete 2 months into his programme, working towards Challenge Wanaka or IMNZ 2017).

Super happy with my result which was a PB for me over the half distance and I was 5th female overall. This time last year I had awful injury problems and have found it hard to have the confidence to push myself in the sport since, today was the first time since that I've felt really good racing again. Big thanks to my amazing coach Gina Crawford.

(Sophie, after first race on the programme)

Thanks again for helping me make the huge improvements I've managed this year. It's been such an amazing season!

(Sophie after finishing her first Ironman 70.3 World Championship event with a PB!).

It has been just fantastic for me to have you as a coach albeit for a brief time and you are a truly inspiring person and have such a lovely understated and humble way despite your great achievements. I have learned a lot of little but very important things over a short time alongside my training schedule which seems to have suited me well. I cannot thank you enough for all this and you have always made yourself available and come back to me.

(Stewart going into Ironman after 12 weeks on the programme).

Last year I did the same race without your guidance, 5:44 my time. Is just crazy how much improvement we have done. Thank you for getting me where we are now, and excited to see more of it.

(Art, after doing a PB of 5.12)

I cannot thank you enough for your advice, guidance and wealth of knowledge that you have shared with far....I've still got more to learn and definitely more to give!

(Gail after winning her age group at Challenge Wanaka 2017).

Am still buzzing that I had such a good race! Thanks for all your support and help, I’ve learnt some really great tips and am really excited about my next season (whenever that may be!). Thanks so much again for your great work, have really enjoyed the way you’ve coached and being able to email at any time and know I’ll get a quick response.

(Whitney after PB at Challenge Half 2017).