It is important to me that all my athletes get a personalised service. No mass produced training plans here!

For that reason I put a limit on how many athletes I coach at one time, and I may not always have capcity to take on new athletes straight away.

I charge $240 NZD per month. Plus $100 NZD start up.

For this you will receive a full initial consultation, firstly with a written form with a number of questions, then after that via video call or phone call (this is the start up fee). This is for me to get to know you personally, and talk through your schedule, the time you have to commit, your strengths and weaknesses, access to training facilities, your past history and your goals. This will also enable you to ask me plenty of questions. This  call will usually take around 1 hour.

A weekly plan tailored to your needs and schedule (swim, bike, run and functional strength)

Ongoing  email support regarding all triathlon matters, for example training, race strategies and

preparation, mental strategies, nutrition, hydration, equipment choice. Use my wealth of experience

and knowledge to learn and enhance your racing.

Calls as required and depending on your preferred method of communicating.

3 months mininum sign up

I also offer Ironman Consultation. This is for those that don't wish to have a coaching programme, but may wish to consult with me  about anything triathlon related. The price for this is $75 nzd per hour ($50 per half hour)